Poem: Lets Join for Pakistan

By: Aymen Zaheer



Although the flood has passed away but it has left behind its defoliation and the magnitude of it is just starting to reveal the cataclysm it has created. In this poem I delineate the anxiousness of the flood victims as well as a wake up call to invoke and rebuild Pakistan. 





Today I perceive, something is black,

Death air comes and everything is crack.


A flood came and made them sad,

Kids cry because they lost mom and dad.


Every thing disperses on its way,

Masses lost their lives everyday.


Jumping themselves on a boat,

And save their life else to float.


Millions of hopes are drown,

Left shadow which is still grown.


Look into their hearts and once feel,

Distress surrounds and bed of roses steel.


In an instant, their lives turn into mess,

Now they look for someone’s bless.


Sadness on their faces, show unending fear,

Yet panic because of more troubles to bear.


Though suffering the ache in mind,

Sorrows how to leave behind?


Time has come to stand and spin,

A tough time we all have to win.


None will come to take care,

We to help and to bring glare.


Do not remain as we are not late,

Launch unity and become a gate.


Their awful life just like a balloon,

We can refill it with happiness soon.


Just hear the voices once for all,

You find recall after each call.


Deserve to give them a decent life,

Possibly be completely without strife.


Sure this is a time of our test,

Prove the unity of our best.


Let's join and rebuild a country picture,

Better than past and best than future.


Written By: Aymen Zaheer

Information Technology & Computing Student

Riyadh, K.S.A.